R&B artist Borboleta shares debut EP 'Until That Time'

Rising R&B artist Borboleta has released their debut EP Until That Time, an atmospheric offering packed with earthy grooves and smooth melodies. The artist, from Providence, Rhode Island, began pursuing music seriously in high school, working tirelessly to create their own lane through pairing pop sensibilities with ethereal R&B stylings. Eventually, their work caught the attention of renowned underground label EveryDeJaVu, who signed Borboleta to a record deal. Their debut Until That Time is a coming of age project, and it finds them reflecting on coming into adulthood for the first time, and dealing with the emotional turmoil that comes with it. 


"Moonstruck" starts the EP off on a high note, featuring an elegant instrumental containing subtle synths that drift beneath Borboleta's rich, soulful vocals. This short intro smoothly transitions into EP highlight "Earth", an organic, groovy cut that captures their definitive style. Airy guitars convey a welcomingly nostalgic mood, accompanied by ambient bird sounds that flush out this song's naturalistic feel. With their smooth vocals added on top, "Earth" is an inviting combination of sounds that draws us deep into its atmosphere. 

The title track "Take Your Time" brings in sturdy drums and ups the pace, introducing an intoxicating groove. This track's spacey keys and rich bass give this song a layered feel. Here, their deliver laid-back, confident vocals that draw influence from both hip-hop and R&B. Finally, the EP closes out with highlight "Fly", a reminiscent song that contains celestial synths and relaxed keys. This track finishes the project on an uplifting note, creating a motivational mood through sunny, warm instrumentation that is infectiously positive. 

Take Your Time is an eclectic, inspiring project that shows that Borboleta is an up-and-comer to watch. Their heartfelt songwriting and groovy instrumentation is simply charming, and the EP carries a weightless charisma throughout. Hopefully more is soon to come from them, as Take Your Time conveys much wisdom and vision for an artist so early in their career.

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