R&B legend Adam Ness offers a sneak peek of the Sagittarian lifestyle on "HouzKatz"

Detroit-raised R&B act Adam Ness gives a glimpse of his first full-length project, Sagittarius Vol 2, with soulful single “HouzKatz,” which shines a spotlight on his soft but soaring voice layered over an intricate soundscape.With ethereal neo-soul backing vocals from Durand Bernarr lending life to Ness’ hushed delivery, the groovy offering taps into Ness’ unique brand of soul music, framed by equal measures of delicate finesse and unbridled power.

Showcasing strength in gentleness, the gospel-tinged track uses his vocal prowess to drive home fierce, passionate narratives. Soothing yet touched by a sharp and outspoken fierceness that speaks of the Sagittarian mindset and lifestyle, the track reminds us that being soft doesn’t negate dominance in life.

An extension of his full-length production’s message, Ness uses the emotive nature of  “HouzKatz,” to remind his fans it’s okay to be yourself. As empowering as it is sensual, the track establishes Ness’ stunning artistry formed from years of industry experience as he arms himself with his innate talent in music to weave a sonic world that’s both explosive and enlightening.

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