Re.decay recruit Wifty Bangura and ADH for new single "Check The Vibe"

Berlin production duo Re.decay have embodied the pioneering spirit of the global collaboration on their new single, “Check The Vibe”, by recruiting rising West African artists Wifty Bangura and ADH in their mission to create something smooth enough to gloss over any international incident. Released on RDK Records, “Check The Vibe” is merely one stamp on Re.decay’s well-worn musical passport. Their last single, “These Days”, featured Ghanaian artist Kirani Ayat, and their upcoming album is set to feature 15 artists from eight different countries, bolstering the wild array of flamboyant vocal styles with brutal German efficiency.

Re.decay have constructed a percussion-heavy, Baltimore hiphop beat infused with a generous helping of Afrobeat rhythms to make their continental guests feel right at home. Sumptuous organs punch in all the right places while the drums hit and stutter, forcing involuntary neck spasms. This provides the springboard for Wifty and ADH to ruminate on love, life and spirituality in an atmosphere devoid of conceit and pretense.

Hailing from Sierra Leone and Senegal and based in Baltimore and New York respectively, Wifty Bangura and ADH mesh perfectly on “Check The Vibe”. Wifty kicks off the track providing buttery, breathless melodies before ADH sidles up unannounced, drops an effortless encapsulation of the mood and dips.

“Tell me your concern, I’m in your universe

From two different worlds, I pray you know your worth

It’s some different times, elevate your mind

Trying to test your vibes, give me a sign”

As an embittered cynic, I will admit that I would usually turn my nose up at any mention of mind elevation, but ADH does it in such a genuine way, it’s hard not to get swept along with the general sentiment. Wifty Bangura, not to be outdone, then shows her own not inconsiderable rapping prowess, audaciously bouncing all over the beat with casual self-assurance. “Check The Vibe” breezily pulls off the enviable feat of creating a joint to move and inspire the listener equally, encouraging joyous celebration rather than pious contemplation.

Having checked the vibe as requested, I can confirm that it fully conforms to the criteria outlined in the Vibe Regulations 2021 Manual. The components are all present: self-love, universal consideration and a weighty bounce to pummel these messages in effectively. We can expect more silky bangers on Re.decay’s Way Out East album which drops on 28 January, it should be a highly uplifting affair. You can “Check The Vibe” here.

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