Real Ones release climate crisis focused single “Early Evenings”

Hailing from Norway, Real Ones have released their latest singleEarly Evening”, from their upcoming album Love Your Mother. With dedication and meaning of the current global climate crisis, the single is a powerful statement. As the band formed in 1994 starting out as a traditional folk music band, their sound has developed into one of Norway’s most unique and experimental bands within folk, pop and rock. 

With a gentle sound, and naturalistic chord structures and harmonies, the new single is an organic and warming product of their development as a band. Speaking on the new single, Iver Chelsom Vogt writes, “It’s organic, it’s natural, mostly recorded live in the studio and mostly about nature and how to live during an ecological crisis.” “We had two dogmas: 1) no synthesizers. If we felt we needed something similar, we’d record clay flutes, bought when we were in Mexico in 2006. And 2), if electric guitar, no amp, just plugged into themixer”. 

Real Ones’ latest offering “Love your Mother” is out now on all streaming platforms.

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