Realio Sparkzwell reps his roots on “Bloody Luciano”

Realio Sparkzwell gives us a slice of that good old gritty NY underground rap flavor on his new release “Bloody Luciano.” The track sees him pairing with Cali-based beatsmith Clypto who laces him with a drumless soulful backdrop. The duo bring out the big guns with both sides showing off their respective talents on this collaboration.

Realio Sparkzwell delivers a fiery slice of mafioso rap on the chorus that goes thus with lines like, “Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, diamond stones, bloody Luciano, lime and lingo, salute Italiano/ mindstate paper chase, bloody Luciano.” and gets his mack on with smooth lines  “The song is so smooth, ace, yak, overdo, I ain’t trying to hold you, I’m just holding the glue.” Realio’s pen game is sharper than ever, and his smoky vocals are perfection over Clypto’s looping, soulful instrumental.

“Bloody Luciano” is the title track of his upcoming album produced entirely by  Clypto.

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