Rebel Kicks kicks off Fall with a bang in "We Should Go Missing"

Alt-rock meets synth-pop duo Rebel Kicks just released their new song “We Should Go Missing.” The duo, composed of brothers Anthony and Steven Bambino, is highly recognized for their highly infectious anthems and thrilling live performances, as well as their uncanny ability to connect with their audience on timely and relatable topics.

In “We Should Go Missing,” Rebel Kicks teamed up with writers Jackson Hoffman (Young Rising Sons, Micky James) and Ryder Stuart (CANNON) for a song all about the concept of escapism. After almost two years of COVID lockdowns and shutdowns, the song conveys thoughts and feelings that many people can resonate with as we imagine living our lives in another space and time. According to the duo, the song is about “finding that inner tranquility we all seek, freeing your mind from the daily stresses and anxieties that we all deal with.” Featuring a driving up-tempo beat, commanding lyricism, and powerful vocals laced with echoes and harmonies that culminate into an explosive chorus, the song has all the makings of a great alt-pop hit and will have you humming the addictive tune for the rest of the day. The energizing effect of the song brims with feelings of excitement, adventure, and a rush of gusto, ultimately reminding you that there are better days ahead if you just believe.

NYC-based Rebel Kicks has been gracing fans with their eruptive alt-rock and power pop music since 2018. The brothers, who both lead turns on vocals, have opened for big name acts such as Foo Fighters, Blink-182, Iggy Azalea, Incubus and many more.

Check out Rebel Kicks’ new single “We Should Go Missing” for an uplifting and sing-out-loud song that inspires hope and change as we approach the new year.

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