Redefining instrumental acoustic guitar with Al Nesbitt on ‘A Million Shiny Things’

A remarkable talent in instrumental acoustic guitar, Al Nesbitt is a rising star who offers a captivating combination of cinematic intensity and masterful guitar work. With vivid and emotional compositions reminiscent of a gripping film narrative, Nesbitt draws inspiration from the likes of John McLaughlin and Vicente Amigo and film composers like Nicholas Hooper and Hans Zimmer, to envelope in deeply resonant sonics that transcends traditional musical boundaries.

His latest album A Million Shiny Things marks a significant milestone in his career reflecting his evolution as a musician and showcasing his collaborative prowess, blending passionate guitar playing with full orchestral sounds. Produced with ‘Big’ Chris Flores at The Rehab Studio, the album features contributions from a diverse group of musicians, including guitarist Wayne Tapia, bassist Jeff Eason, drummer Bill Ray, the legendary “Fretless Monster” Tony Franklin, and violinist/composer Michael A. Levine. Together, they craft a rich, layered sound that stretches the boundaries of acoustic guitar music.

Led by his quick, intricate playing alongside stories that evoke emotions, Nesbitt has an ability to move us through from excitement to contemplation with ease. 

Having begun his musical journey began in his youth, his transformation from a young music enthusiast into a skilled guitarist demonstrates his commitment and innate drive to explore and excel in music. Always experimental with new musical elements and styles to keep his sound fresh and exciting, his enriching musicality sets him up as an innovative talent and a transformative figure in contemporary music.

Beyond his own musical career, Al Nesbitt is dedicated to supporting the community through educational programs and workshops. He often leads guitar workshops and masterclasses, imparting his knowledge and experience to budding musicians. These efforts nurture new talent and foster a deeper appreciation of music and guitar playing within the community.

Looking to the future, Al Nesbitt remains focused on discovering new musical territories and expanding his creative vision. With each new project, he refines his style and pushes the limits of what can be achieved with the strings of an acoustic guitar. Nesbitt’s dedication to innovation and artistry will continue inspiring future musicians as the music industry evolves. His career is a beacon of creativity and passion, motivating musicians and music lovers. This combination of creativity, skill, and passion allows Al Nesbitt to continually raise the bar for acoustic guitar music, setting new standards and inspiring others to follow in his footsteps. 

With a versatile artistry set to influence today’s music scene and generations to come, fans continue to anticipate his new projects with bated breath.

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