Redlight breaks through the surface with his latest 'Radius' LP

With a shift in sonic direction in recent months, Bristol's finest Redlight has now dropped his highly anticipated Radius LP via his newly launched label, Dream Vision Future.

Sharing recent single "Crystal Rain" from the album and setting the tone for the project earlier this year, Redlight explores fresh electronic landscapes from ethereal breaks to glistening ambient textures whilst paying homage to the deeply rooted 90s rave scene that runs through his veins. Subtle keys, dreamy percussion and hypnotic echoes surround “Pandora” whilst “Cassini” moves into haunting club territories as does “Domes” and “Prevail” with Sci-Fi elements and weighty subs.

With stuttering breaks combined with twinkling melodies and the album's signature distorted vocal chops, “Every” nods towards influences of Bicep, Four Tet and more. An LP highlight, "Dream Quest" stands proudly alongside lo-fi house greats like DJ Seinfeld, with celestial melodies that articulate mesmerising dreamscapes and Redlight's exceptionally versatile palette.

Drawing the album to a close is "Voyage", and it certainly defines the thrilling ride that the UK producer has invited listeners on. A showcase of his evolution and experimentation over the past decade from "Get Out My Head" and "9TS' Baby" to material under alternative alias' like Clipz and Lobster Boy, Radius marks the return of Redlight's reign on the scene with a monumental soundtrack to a vivid dream or an otherworldly trip that we should welcome as a permanent reality.

Redlight – Radius LP is out now via Dream Vision Future.

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