RedRum share new LP ‘The Messiah Complex’

Orlando-based duo RedRum, made up of Racks (emcee/producer) and Red Eye (emcee) share their sophomore project with us this week. The 12 track project entitled The Messiah Complex is the follow up to their debut, The Lucifer Effect, which dropped back in late 2020. If you’re a fan of hardcore, unadulterated hip-hop with hard-hitting cinematic production and unapologetic lyrics, you haven’t had to wait long for your second dose.


From the jump, the duo serves up nothing but pure raw hip-hop on the opening track. The “Intro” is as dark as midnight thanks to Nickel Plated‘s ominous production while the duo drops jaw-breaking street raps. The mission statement is already implanted in the listeners but on tracks like “God’s Watching” and “Chozen4War,” the pair draw us deep into the nether regions of their twisted minds. The wordplay and vividly detailed lyrics seamlessly blend with the grimy, speaker-busting productions. Speaking of production, the ominous sounds are provided by Deee, Da Supastarz, Nickel Plated, Tone Blare, and Racks himself. The layers of grit continue to gather as the album progresses from the soul-gripping textures of “Hunger (feat. Cheiz Heist),” the dark organ infused dusty drum breaks on “6 Feet (featuring vocalist D. Ville)”, to the snarling back-and-forth bars of “Gladiator Sport,” The Messiah Complex isn’t interested in wasting a second of your time.

Watch the video for the song “Mark Of Da Beast” below.

Get The Messiah Complex on all DSPs here.
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