Regal returns to BPitch with newest EP ‘Ego Wars’

Regal has returned to BPitch Berlin to release his latest EP, Ego Wars. Coming almost exactly a year after his debut for the label, Ego Wars marks a change in direction for one of the techno scenes most prominent producers.

Title track “Ego Wars” gets the EP off to an intense start; the relentless bassline that twists and warps is enough to understand that Gabriel Cassina means business with this one. It’s peak time, driving techno to kick the release off before exploring more alternate sounds. Where previous releases focused heavily on acid sounds and early hardcore, the Ego Wars EP turns to trance melodies as a focal point. Though it feels a million miles away from Cassina’s earlier works, a little change never hurt anyone; tracks which may feel very serious in comparison soon become ecstatic when the trance influences kick in.

“Anhedonia” offers the first major glimpse into this new sound, with an uncompromising intro breaking into euphoric melodies — think CloudsOpera 2001 EP. The “trance-y techno” sound which has made a strong impact on music this year is one which causes guaranteed elation on the dance floor floor. This continues into “Fuck Making Love,” though this track has a slightly lighter feel to it. The trance elements in the track work well against the weighty bassline, merging together to make a track is which is a heavy-hitter, without being one-dimensional. Ego Wars isn’t for the timid; it’s fast, fierce and hard — but it’s equally as refreshing to hear something slightly different from Regal.

Ego Wars can be streamed via Spotify and purchased via Beatport.

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