Reginald Omas Mamode IV confronts grim history on “400 Years”

With the overflowing evidence of racial injustice coming to a head this year, it’s become increasingly clear that the fight for equality should never rest. As a reflection of a tense populace, artists have been appropriately shedding light on these societal issues more and more in the past year. Producer Reginald Omas Mamode IV’s latest contribution to the cause has taken the form of a percolating new single entitled “400 Years.” The new track is taken from a new double compilation album from CoOp Presents called Plug One, which features a diverse array of global talent in the realm of broken beat and beyond.

As the song’s title suggests, “400 Years” finds Mamode reflecting on the history of slavery, with specific regard for his Creole Mauritian ancestry. With understated delivery, he laments the long history of racism and suffering of BIPOC communities at the hands of European colonialists. All the while, he delivers a characteristically original and vibrant production, with an urgent drumbeat and layered percussion at the core, supplemented with fluctuating warm synth chords. In his own unique style, Mamode offers a poignant message for the moment on “400 Years” that will hopefully help lead the way to a better tomorrow.

“400 Years” is available to stream or download here.

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