Release your inner ANIMÁL with ‘Flight’

Brooklyn-based duo ANIMÁL are giving the first glimpse into their world with “Let Me Down”, the lead single off of their debut 12-track album, Flight.

ANIMÁL, comprised of Jack Murphy and Brady Perrigo, aims to bridge the gap between traditional alternative rock and electronic dance music. With influences from artists like RATATAT and Explosions In The Sky, the duo reimagines the alternative-electronic genre by incorporating edgy guitars, digital synths and atmospheric electronic treatments.

Their debut single “Let Me Down” which was mixed by none other than Pluko, delivers on everything you would expect – groovy vocal chops, gritty guitar drops and alluring pianos. The track cinematically builds through each verse, creating a track you can both relax and dance to. In doing so the duo cements their unique sound in the genre and keep fans wondering what they have in store for the album.

“This album was our way of introducing ANIMÁL to the world by telling a 12-track story front to back,” they say. “We wanted to give electronic and alt-rock listeners the best of both worlds — something you can dance to and rock out to at the same time. Hopefully this scratches that itch for a lot of people.”

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