Restlezz shares hard-hitting compilation EP, ‘Tyrant Takeover’

Restlezz, hailing from Ogden, Utah, has been making some noise in underground hip-hop of late. His most recent single “Put Your Hands Up” found him updating his formula with refreshing sonics and sharp flows. Following the success of the single, Restlezz has just released a compilation E.P titled TYRANT TAKEOVER. This hard-hitting collection consists of five tracks, each offering potent messages of motivation and resilience.

Restlezz kicks off the E.P with his own track, “I Ain’t Ever,” a triumphant and aggressive anthem that demands listeners’ attention. With an infectious beat and unrelenting flow, this song showcases Restlezz’s knack for potent lyricism, as well as determination and confidence on the mic. TYRANT TAKEOVER also features an appearance from Uncle Luce, who delivers a motivational cut called “Overtime.” This song serves as a call to action, pushing listeners to test their limits and strive for their best atop cutting keys and reverby vocal samples. J.Chetco brings a club-style banger to the EP with “Bluestrips.” Featuring a stylish flow and heavy, pulsating beat, the track brings dynamics to the tracklist with its catchiness and colorful energy. Uncle Opey contributes “Frysauce,” a track that has already gained infamy in his home state of Utah. With its off-kilter, bassy sound and captivating rhythms, “Frysauce” adds extra variety and character to the tracklist.

TYRANT TAKEOVER offers a diverse range of tracks that will leave listeners feeling motivated and ready to face the day, across a range of hard-hitting and infectious beats.

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