retropxssy is the proverbial "Wild Horse"

Alternative UK rapper Retropxssy's off-beat rap style may be a bit too much for rap conformists but I implore you to listen closely to really appreciate what she has to offer. It's been a while since we heard her on the cheeky "Double Take" and on her latest release, "Wild Horse," she seems to have ramped up her style to new levels. The single sees her working with longtime collaborator, hairymuffinman, who crafts an ominous synth-bass-driven backdrop for the rapper to work with.

The result is a self-empowering tune that sees Retropxssy imbibing the characteristics of the wild horse who runs freely without restraints. Always in her comfort zone, she adheres only to her rules as she floats on the moody beat with a nonchalant poise and sometimes off-kilter flow. The best way to put it is she has learned the rules only to break them along her journey to self-realization.

"Wild Horse" is the lead single from her forthcoming debut album, Road Ahead.

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