REUNIØN infuse peace and quiet into “Under the Wild Sea”

Rising pop duo REUNIØN inject calm and clarity into an atmospheric offering “Under the Wild Sea,” bringing soft piano and delicate vocal tones that sculpt a musical nook away from the chaos of the world.  Bringing a sense of relief and hope within its intricate soundscape of keys, synths and strings as the track roots us in a much-needed moment of peace and quiet.

Framed by optimism as it embraces and moves forward from the challenging year the world has seen, “Under the Wild Sea,” is a nostalgic production which transports us into the hypnotic world crafted by producers Eliot James and Jon Green. Inspired by a moment Green had while reconnecting with family, the track weaves an all-important message about being present in the moment and taking in everything that matters to us in life.

Tapping into the pair’s penchant for creating music that’s intimate but expansive, “Under the Wild Sea,” is yet another foray from the emerging duo, who has us engrossed in their carefully crafted landscape of sound until the final gentle notes lull us.

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