Revenge of the Truence break loose with “The Outbreak”

“The Outbreak” is the newest single from NYC duo Revenge Of The Truence as they prepare to get people’s attention with their forthcoming EP, H1N1. From the moment you hit play, the dark ominous backdrop courtesy of producer Endemic Emerald sets the tone with a chilly vibe as MuGGz and Tay Dayne come through with the bars. These two cats are far from horsing around and hold this rap thing dearly from the jump. Both deliver bars that blend the abstract with the direct, painting lyrical pictures that take repeated listens to decipher and fully comprehend. 

The duo also doesn’t hold back when it comes to their street edgy wordplay with lines like “…hit the head and the chest, that’s a double-tap, watch long enough they shed skin like a cupboard wrap…” and “Every dog has its day, don’t get caught with no fleas/ Better cover all your dues or get covered in fees.”

“The Outbreak” serves as the perfect introduction to those who are just tuning in to their music, while loyal fans would appreciate the duo’s steadfast approach to their lyric dense styles as they wait for the album H1N1 to drop. In case you don’t know their close collaborator Endemic Emerald (Sean Price, Wu-Tang), also provided the beats for the entire project.


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