Richie Valentino showcases sonic versatility on Multiple Personality: Volume 2

Long Island musician Richie Valentino delivers an expansive display of sonics on 10-track album Multiple Personality: Volume 2, tracing his artistic evolution with laid-back yet fierce delivery founded on groove-laden soundscapes. With subtle melodies that show off different sides of the musician, the album also pushes listeners to overcome adversities with its anthemic finish.

 Starting with the foreboding tones of “Zombie,” which combines his gritty verses with lush synths, the production moves quickly from the earthiness of “Think Of Me” to the sing-song style of “Without Your Love,” that establish his versatility. On smooth “Liyah,” and carefree “Too Much,” he give us a glimpse of his singing abilities as he breaks down the confines of rap music.

The powerful arrangement of “Bang Bang,” and the playful charm of fast-paced “Forever Cookin,” are stand-outs that elevate the collection of tracks towards its tail-end, before the layered final track “Perrico,” builds toward a high-energy finish that leaves us wanting more.

Hazy and carefree at times but punctuated with sharp verses at other moments, Multiple Personality: Volume 2combines Valentino’s technical prowess with a natural positivity for a distinct style that paves the way for the rapper to make it to the top. Weaving sonic worlds that crafted to be a constant companion in good times and bad, Richie Valentino showcases his own musical diversity on the album even as he injects passion into his listeners to overcome their own struggles.

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