RikShaw returns with new single and he’s not holding a “Grudge”

RikShaw continues to prove he is one of the most consistent Irish artists out right now with his latest single “Grudge”. 

After the release of his EP Junk Food in 2019, RikShaw absolutely peppered 2020 with back-to-back tracks, dropping five fiery records in a 12-month span. Songs such as “Room Key”, “Bounce” and “Get Away” built on the momentum of huge records like “Feels Like Summer” and “Crush”. Now, its 2021 and RikShaw is back and he’s not holding a “Grudge” on his most recent drop. 

“Grudge” sees RikShaw dive into his more acoustic, soulful side to his songwriting. The introspective lyricism reflects back on the artists tackling various issues and the problems that he is faced with in losing a muse. This is one of the more beautifully penned songs from the Anomaly Collective MC. The melodies and cadences offer some of RikShaw’s most advanced and gorgeous melodies. The production feels like a very modern take on what pop-punk with a hip-hop twist would sound like in 2o21. The energetic drum patterns paired with the catchy acoustic loop create an excellent backdrop for RikShaw to lament on his heartbreak. 

RikShaw has been one of the most consistent artists coming out Ireland in recent years. He has been flying the flag high for Anomaly and will continue to do so throughout the coming year. 

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