Rikshaw wants to up and “Get Away”

Rikshaw is back with his new single “Get Away”.

After kicking off his 2020 with his incredible single “Crush”, Rikshaw is back with his new track “Get Away”. This pop-trap infusion is interesting left turn on the road of Rikshaw but not something we haven’t seen from the Dublin native before. The acoustic guitar element of this track is the true driving force of this record. This is blended expertly with the expected trap infused drums. The bass line is an underlying star of this song and the way it combines with the kick is a true production masterclass. The percussion is also an interesting part of the track as it adds an interesting swing to the very blocked out trap drum patterns. 

Rikshaw is continuing to show growth his songwriting. His ability to paint the picture of wanting to escape the mundane norm of society with someone you love is palpable and potent. Especially in this current climate, this introspective look at longing for escape with someone will hit home more than ever for people. His melodic ear is reaching new heights also. The cadence and flows on offer on this track are excellent. The breezy delivery and overall execution is to be marveled at. 

With an established level of output for the new year, it won’t be long before Rikshaw is back again with a new sound. His lack of fear in trying new styles is a testament to his diversity and musical palette. With an artist as diverse as this, you can expect to see much more from Rikshaw and the Anomaly collective in the months to come. 

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