Rising act Dubbo shows his sonic progress on sleek rap track "Don’t Tempt Me"

Emerging rapper Dubbo showcases his artistic progress on powerful offering “Don’t Tempt Me,” which boasts sleek sonics of crooning electric guitars and earthy basslines taken forward by his confident delivery. Boasting an addictive hook rooted in unrestrained energy and the lively vibrations of pulsing beats, the anthemic track fills us with motivation and an urge to chase freedom.

Tapping into his signature style based in strong and gritty rap verses, on his third single for this year, Dubbo makes his growth as an artist known in his tasteful arrangements of instrumentals which see soaring guitars meet simplistic beat selections for an explosive number that somehow still manages to remain suave and understated.

With a quickly growing fan base drawn to his raucous performances, Dubbo makes his presence in rap known through a sound and style that feels organic yet intricately crafted. Scheduled to soon open for Stove God Cooks, this rising act is creating ripples with his catchy soundscapes as natural talent meets a penchant for refinement.

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