Rising acts Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix team up on pop-punk EP ‘Dead Summer’

Two emerging talents Los Angeles-based pop-punk musician LEVI ZADOFF  and Ottawa punk act DEAD HENDRIX have dropped genre-blended five-track EP DEAD SUMMER, coming to terms with the non-existent summers of two years past as well as the loss of loved ones in a smooth sweep across vulnerability and vibrance through their experimental fusion of pop-punk and rap-rock sensibilities.

Opening with “Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better,” the EP immediately establishes the anguished-tinged sarcasm hidden in the pair’s song writing, before delving deeper into angst and loneliness on the introspective stylings of “Alone.” DEAD SUMMERzeroes in on very relatable emotions we’ve all probably experienced since 2020, moving from confusion on “Can’t Be God,” to feeling confined inside our own mind on “Love Game.”

A compelling and cathartic collection of tracks rooted in raw vocal lines and infectious melodies, Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix are two powerful rising stars in their own right, who have come together to create magical sonic journeys framed by real life experiences.

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