Rising artist Dani Sylvia reflects on the heartache of secret relationships on "Love Me Loud"

Emerging artist Dani Sylvia explores the pain of a secret relationship on soulful offering, “Love Me Loud,” taken from her upcoming album 1.11. Capturing heartache and the desire for the truth to be brought to light with her emotive vocals and anthemic, lush instrumentals, the track leans into Sylvia’s brand of misery-pop, taking shape as an emblem of her ability to embed self-awareness into catchy music.

With poignant yet witty lyricism and soothing musicianship, Sylvia achieves the delicate balance between boldly highlighting the existential dread and unreasonable, selfish sides of humanity with tinges of optimism that act as a balm for the weary soul. Channeling heartbreak and hope in equal quantities, this rising artist offers soundscapes we can lose ourselves in regardless of the mood we are in even while rooting us with her realism.

Trained at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama and quickly building a fanbase for her expansive yet chaotic artistry, Dani Sylvia’s music laments plans that go awry while assuring us that a better life awaits. Stocked with raw, honest reflections framed by nuances of much-needed cheer, “Love Me Loud” gives a sneak peek of what awaits the artist herself as she embarks on the journey that is her upcoming album.

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