Rising artist Jwalt drops impressive new album ‘Yours Truly’

Young artist Jwalt from Oakland, California releases new album Yours Truly: filled with sonically pleasing vibes and intense wordplay that will leave all of us in shock. 
At only 18-years-old, Jwalt has already left a great impression on the music industry having already performed at Sway Fest alongside big acts like G-Eazy and Kamaiyah. Yours Truly continues to push through that momentum and is undeniably a work of art. 
On the “Intro,” Jwalt touches on mental health as he raps about the crippling affects anxiety has on him and those around him. Cleverly creating intelligent parallels with hip-hop through the wordplay, we feel the strength in his delivery and message of perseverance. The power that lives in his poetic words and the openness of the lyrics reveals the true soul of Jwalt. Just in this intro alone, he shows everyone who presses play just want they will expect, setting a magnetic tone for the rest of the album.
“Girl of My Dreams” gives off a fun and playful energy while it also holds the rawness that spills from his heart. Confessing his love for a woman, he charmingly professes his feelings for her through the lyrics. Drawing us all in with his voice and wordplay, we find ourselves wanting to listen to more. Just in time for the summer, the light beats in the back make for the ideal mix.
It has been said that those who have been through a lot in life mature early and gain a greater understanding. “Anxiety” definitely delivers this message, opening the eyes of those who are unaware and showing us all how this generation heavily suffers from mental health. Rapping about his personal experiences regarding the struggle with mental health, he beautifully shares his experience in hopes to help others with theirs. The power and strength in his voice is heard, making us confident that we can overcome any hardships or obstacles. The intense beats and complex production in the background place us on an emotional rollercoaster, mimicking what anxiety feels like. 
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