Rising French artist L.A. Rochelle releases new single alongside EP announcement

Having only released a handful of singles in the past, French alt-pop artist L.A. Rochelle is preparing to release his debut EP CHAPTER 1: DENIAL / ANGER in the Spring of this year. This announcement from Rochelle, real name Pierre-Andréas Berndt, comes beside the release of new single “IDONTEVERWANNATHINKABOUTYOUNOMORE.”

Both the new track and project emerge from an excruciating and traumatic experience from Rochelle’s life in which one of his best friends took the life of another best friend. The experience left him alone with one deceased and another imprisoned. This upcoming EP is purposed towards documenting his grieving process and efforts of dealing with confusion, anguish, heartbreak, and everything in between. 

The new track intertwines French and English lyrics to touch on this hellish life event. Featuring a subtle pop-based background instrumental, he employs simple yet vivid lyrics to capture the harsh bitterness of his reality. In particular, Berndt manages to contrast this difficult emotional state in his songwriting with a relatively upbeat, light electronic backing. 

Rochelle has also provided some insight into the purpose and meaning behind the track. He describes, “This is my way of bringing these scars to the surface to try and heal. It’s me hoping that if I can excavate this internal conflict, I would be able to hear my heart over my head. This duality is symbolised in the bilingual nature of the lyrics: my psyche sings the opening statement in English, and my subconscious is firing back in French.”

Stream the new single “IDONTEVERWANNATHINKABOUTYOUNOMORE” here for access on Spotify and Apple Music. Also, keep an eye out for L.A. Rochelle’s debut EP CHAPTER 1: DENIAL / ANGER releasing on March 4th.