Rising hip-hop star JONNYFENN is “Higher Than The Birds”

JONNYFENN is a Los Angeles-based artist, producer, and sound engineer who has been making a name for himself in the music industry with his exceptional talent, unwavering determination, and genuine love for music. Despite humble beginnings in Torrington, Connecticut, JONNYFENN has risen to become a well-respected musician who is making a significant impact on the scene.

Like any musician does, JONNYFENN faced numerous obstacles in his career, but remained determined to pursue his passion for music nonetheless. Drawing inspiration from a variety of tunes, from 1980s broadway musicals to his friend’s all-over-the-place playlists, he’s incorporated a variety of sounds into his music — like guitars, pianos, flutes, and saxophones — setting him apart from the majority of Hip-Hop artists.

However, his biggest inspiration has always been Kanye West’s album, “College Dropout,” and we can hear some of the influence through his current discography. JONNYFENN has worked with established artists under labels like Def Jam, Interscope, RCA, and Bighead. With a wide catalog of music already on Spotify, his upcoming albums, “U.G.L.Y.” and “WOW,” showcase his versatility as a producer and musician.

What can we expect from these upcoming projects? To find the answer, let’s take a look at “Higher Than The Birds,” the first song on his 2021 album – “Off the Bench.” The song showcases JONNYFENN’s mastery in music production and engineering, with hard-hitting 808s and soft, melodic arps.

Reminiscent of Kanye West’s influence on JONNYFENN’s music, while also incorporating Travis Scott-inspired adlibs, the song’s lyrics speak of JONNYFENN’s  journey to success, with a message of perseverance and self-belief. Overall, “Higher Than The Birds” is a great representation of JONNYFENN’s talent and sets the bar high for his future projects.

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