Rising Irish artist Cheesmore reflects on insecurities in new lo-fi track “Suffocating"

Rising Irish artist Cheesmore drops, “Suffocating,” an intimate and reflective offering embellished by his multi-genre approach. His first single of the year soars with minimalistic but soothing string instrumentals framed by a lo-fi vocal delivery, giving off dreamy vibes which ebbs and flows around his signature chilled, hazy soundscape that lulls listeners.

On the track, the young musician from Dublin, immerses himself in a sonic world built on orchestral instrumentation with an edge of catchy beats inspired by an UK garage soundscape. Establishing his ability to balance experimentation with the strong simplicity of stripped-down forays into music, the 22-year-old rising star who developed a singer-songwriter style during his early days in music returns to his roots on “Suffocating.”

Channeling maturity beyond his years by anchoring himself and his craft with immersive, emotive lyricism, he delves into feelings of insecurity, and the threat such feelings of inadequacy pose to the healthy and positive relationships in our lives. The track juxtaposes such introspective songwriting with a feel-good, mellow melody, his quiet yet impactful vocal quality further tethering listeners to the sonic journey he takes us on.

Following his 2020 EPs Warmish and Becoming, Beginning, on this latest offering Cheesmore once again establishes the wide range of influences from hip-hop and electronic to alternative pop that forms the crux of his musicality.The rising producer who creates sonic landscapes founded on ambling guitars and personable songwriting has been honing his abilities as a musician and producer in various formats over the years, showcasing a constantly evolving repertoire of talent.

Now, things come full circle as he returns to his original style of artistry with this ambient and atmospheric production that settles in the heart of listeners as warm musical presence with a simple but delicate instrumentation and relatable messaging.

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