Rising lyricist [602] Prophet unveils his engaging new project, ‘All Sides of the Story’

Traditionally not known for Hip-Hop, Arizona has quietly built a nice reputation for itself over the last few years. Boasting natives like Futuristic, Injury Reserve, Lil QWERTY and more, the state has started to flex its’ chops and prove that their creativity wasn’t stifled by the blistering heat. Another one of those names that’s been making waves is [602] Prophet, who dropped three projects last year and carved out a niche fanbase. Looking to take that notion further, he checks in with his lyrically heavy new project, All Sides of the Story.

Featuring production from BobbyIDK, Kleaver, WeSSeX and more, All Sides of the Story reveals the full tale of what [602] Prophet has been through to become the man & artist he is today in poetic detail. Over the course of thirteen engaging tracks, he showcases the vulnerability that has made him a fan-favorite on tracks like, “All I See.” Featuring Oren Major, “All I See,” finds Prophet speaking on his surroundings, though there’s one caveat. While he’s actively critiquing the obvious oppression around him, he makes sure to keep reminding the listener that he’s no role model, and that his choices don’t make him exactly perfect either.  Other standout tracks on the project include, “All At Once,” a highly energetic record produced by WeSSeX, “Nostalgic Feels,” a methodical record that finds Prophet getting introspective, and “3 Kids,” a lyrical exercise between Prophet and Change over engaging production from Kleaver. 

Take a listen to the project below and get familiar with [602] Prophet, one of the underground’s exciting new names.

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