Rising pop artist Ben Kessler drops “Just Wanna Be Your Friend”

Ben Kessler is a unique talent in that he produces, writes, records, and mixes his own music. The rising pop artist and swiss army knife of music production only has five songs out to date but has already released his second song of 2020, “Just Wanna Be Your Friend.” This latest release is a catchy pop tune that bears influence from everything bedroom and indie pop but puts a refreshing, modern spin on both. 

Sonically, “Just Wanna Be Your Friend” is comparable to a softer Jeremy Zucker style sound. It tells a story of a new love that’s being delicately nurtured rather than being rushed. The spacey guitar lets Kessler’s pop vocals reach high notes with ease, while the song moves along at a comfortable enough to pace to keep the song’s mood up. The lyrics “I just wanna be your friend,” are cemented into the listener’s brain as they come in just prior to the chorus’ guitar. The repetition demands the repeat button and a more attentive listen.

The latest release was paired with a visualizer that Kessler shot himself. To be blunt, everything the Philadelphia-born artist makes is extraordinarily high quality and 100 percent representation of his innermost creativity.

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