Rising pop artist Jamie Wooding drops youthful single "Jealous"

Liverpool singer-songwriter Jamie Wooding offers a slice of addictive electro-pop with “Jealous,” a bold and catchy track that has us reaching for the replay button led by an infectious hook delivered in Woodling’s smooth voice.

Packed with lush synths and a hyper-rhythmic beat, the track delves into the feeling of being in awe of someone,being afraid to say anything about it yet feeling jealous when they aren’t with you. With relatable lyricism, drenched in youthful charm, the track gives off a thoughtful yet easy-going vibe.

With a melody that gets your feet moving instantly, “Jealous,” sees the 21-year-old refine his modern pop sound that has quickly become his signature. Having burst onto the scene only last year Woodling’s artistry has already evolved enough for him to establish himself as someone with the ability to catch attention and keep it.

Effectively carving a space for himself in the expansive electro-pop scene, this rising star has a musical calibre far beyond his hook-laden pop sonics, with a special edge of versatility that has seen it smoothly transitioning into a simpler live version driven by piano and vocals.

Made for big things and heading straight towards stardom, Jamie Woodling is making his presence in the industry an undeniably important one with each single, the earworm quality of his music sticking with you long after the final notes play out.  

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