Ritho delivers an ode to daydreaming with “FANTASISING”

Captivating listeners with his soul-stirring and introspective melodies, British indie, dream pop artist Ritho unveils his new single “FANTASISING.” Setting out to create music that encapsulates every inch of the artist’s mind, Ritho uses his songwriting as a way to dig deep and show his vulnerability. Covering the ups and downs of life in your early twenties, his music is relatable and candid, with “FANTASISING” exploring the mixed emotions you can experience in the early stages of a relationship. 

Ritho shares, “It is about struggling with the juxtaposition of getting to know someone and allowing for that relationship to grow, while still having daydreams about your life and the future with that person.”  

With heartfelt, honest lyrics, a distinct vocal tone and an irresistibly infectious melody, the track is the ultimate smile-inducing anthem that will get you excited for the summer. You’ll find yourself chanting along the lyrics and realizing that retreating into our own mind can be a powerful tool. 

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