Road Runna Rio and King Louie compete for the "Gold Medal" [Video]

Up and coming trap rapper Road Runna Rio is slowly building his discography and shares the video for his new release "Gold Medal" which is based on how he got his first chain. The track has an atmospheric texture with sparse drums which exude cloud rap aesthetics. Road Runna on the other hand delivers his verses with a hushed tone and carefree demeanor. He is joined by Chi-town's King Louie who brings a distinct sauce to the mix with his bass-heavy vocals. The dynamics of the song don't change up but the bounce stays steady while the nonconformist chorus rolls off the tongue and ties the verses together.

In the video, both artists play the roles of coaches of opposing female badminton teams that slug it out in the trap olympics. The aesthetics are bright and eye-popping as viewers are entranced by the bevy of voluptuous ladies going head to head for the gold medal. The video also captures the rappers' performance and gaudy fashion styles.

Road Runna Rio was born in Calumet City, Illinois and has lived in the south of Chicago amongst other places. He juggled being in the streets and holding a regular job but his love for music steered him away from these two situations. After bouncing from couch to couch, he found time to perfect his craft and record a copious amount of songs till he found his footing. He is currently based in LA and actively pursuing his career in the music industry.

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