Rockie Fresh releases “I Forgot” from upcoming album

Delivering more laid-back cuts, Chicago’s Rockie Fresh, releases his new single “I Forgot”. Building up to the deluxe edition of his 2019 debut album, Destination, Fresh has been dropping a ton of new music. “I Forgot” is slated to be one of his newest singles from the upcoming deluxe album.

Solidified as a staple in the rap game, Fresh uses “I Forgot” as a chance to drop some words of wisdom. Over a simple trap-infused beat, Fresh’s lyricism is agile as he lays down a couple of gems. “My rollie is cool, but really I’m tryin’ to inspire the youth”, Fresh drops charitable bars about bringing your success full circle. “I  Forgot” can easily be misunderstood for a simple trap cut, but the track takes a moment to show Fresh’s growth as an artist in the industry. Over stuttering snares, he finishes out the song reminding us how quickly things change when money’s involved. 

Rockie Fresh has been busy in the studio preparing for the deluxe edition of Destination, but he’s also taken some time to give back to his community. Teaming up with Nando’s Peri-Peri chicken, he has helped provide meals for Chicago’s Henry’s Sober Living House. It’s safe to say that Rockie Fresh’s lives the life he raps about. 

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