Roll through Interstate 5 with C5’s “Quarantine Freestlye” [Video]

Oakland hip-hop artist C5 just released a captivating visual to “Quarantine Freestyle” —the latest single off of his blazing new album Interstate 5 Deluxe

On May 15th, C5 released his project Interstate 5. With his new album, Interstate 5 Deluxe, we get to go along for another ride as he gives us a few new bonus tracks, including the visual for “Quarantine Freestyle.” 

C5 spills his soul out through the music in “Quarantine Freestyle,” demonstrating a reminder that we are all living in some hard times. The song speaks about the struggles in the Black community throughout, as Lew raps, “Praying to the lord that we see tomorrow like a psychic…looking like us on the news in the hands of violence.” Through vulnerability in the face of struggle, C5 isn’t afraid of the strength that his words possess and this radiates through the powerful track.

The imagery of nature in the accompanying music video lure you in as he magnifies the beauty of California to coincide with the heavy messages of the track. C5 shows that the disadvantages his community has faced turned into advantages thanks to the hunger their spirit possesses. Lew further empowers the track with his own unique flow, adding a dose of raw emotions that his unique vocal delivery strongly projects. Perfectly blending the light heavenly sounds with impactful lyricism, Quarantine Freestyle” is an unexpected yet irresistible joy ride. 

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