Ron Santee drops yearning sophomore album ‘Cold Blooded Highway’

California-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ron Santee brings tales of a struggling artist navigating through hard times on sophomore album, Cold Blooded Highway, delivering a seamless blend of rock, country and Americana led by Santee’s laid-back vocal delivery.

Opening with haunting whistles of Americana styled “Cold Blooded,” before moving into the carefree, country joy of “Toodleloo,” into the gritty but anthemic rock stylings of “Inferno Red,” the album showcases an impressive feat by flitting across genres and moods in the blink of an eye.

The playful instrumentation of “Hound Dog,” make it a stand-out before moving into a stretch of catchy country music with “Princess of Alibis,” and “Desert Dog.” In the final section of the EP, he offers up the groovy “Sneaky Hody,” and nostalgia-stricken “Prevailing Westerlies” offset by the soft romanticism of “Evil Sweetheart.”

Closing track “Dark Road,” hones in on the themes of yearning and journeys to find a place of comfort in our lives, leaving behind imageries laden with ups and downs we all face in our lifetimes.A charming production that swerves away from the straightforward rock he delivered up previously, Cold Blooded Highway is a soundtrack you can relish and want more of.

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