Roqy Tyraid shares some good old lyrical "Gumbo" [Video]

Phoenix, Arizona's Roqy Tyraid has been in the game for a while now, from dropping singles and solo projects to being socially active in his hometown. The rapper who was recently crowned "Best Rapper in Phoenix" in Phoenix New Times' Best of magazine for his lyrical endeavors returns with the proof in the form of his new single titled "Gumbo."  The record helps set things straight as Tyraid proceeds to rap for almost 3 minutes without pausing or missing a beat. Lines like "to accurately describe my dominance, you need a monocle/ becoming famous means a sunken place and I don't wanna make it" see him reflecting on his lyrical prowess and being comfortable in his disposition. From internal rhyme schemes to pop references to subtle social commentary, Tyraid weaves a multi-layered performance that would make listeners hit the playback button to catch what they may have missed the first time.

The production was crafted by NAMELESS whose moody sample loop works perfectly alongside Tyraid's fiery performance.

The visual is straightforward and follows Roqy Tyraid in his hometown in different spots and also blends in performance shots and cut scenes of various individuals going about their daily activities. "Gumbo" is a one-off release from Roqy Tyraid and is a follow-up from the recent release of the critically acclaimed DJ Green Lantern-assisted project OUTBREAK. 

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