ROREY is “Sleepwalking” in new emotive and raw single

New York based ROREY is a rising, talented storyteller, musician and singer-songwriter. Her latest single “Sleepwalking” is the second off of her upcoming EP Dysphoria and follows the single release of “Standby” shared in March.

With “Sleepwalking”, ROREY pens an autobiographical and vulnerable narrative of her experience of dissociation, specifically in struggling with bipolar disorder. She confides, “I wanted to paint this vivid image of me walking down the street experiencing life in a way that made absolutely no sense. I felt so delusional and removed at the time; (sleepwalking) through life in this almost dream-like state”. Lyrics including, “Nothing feels real / Maybe I’m sleepwalking / I’m half alive,” shows her disoriented state and how the disorder affected her emotionally as well as physically. Sonically, “Sleepwalking” is a bedroom pop stunner filled with dreamy layered melodies and hooky guitar riffs. Shimmery beats and wistful landscapes contrast with the fragile emotional and mental narrative of the song creating an intriguing listen.

ROREY is a captivating lyricist with the artist having the uncanny ability to create moments of connection and emotional resonance with her listeners. Her upcoming EP is no exception with the artist diving deep into her mental health struggles and healing. Check out “Sleepwalking” now and get lost in the colorful sonic oasis.