Rosanna shares emphatic, varied pop EP Debut “Restless”

If you’re looking for a joyous yet emotional, pop debut EP – Rosanna’s Restless, is a vibrant showcase of the indie pop sensation’s multifaceted songwriting. The collection, marked by the success of singles “What it takes to leave” and “Need You to Stay,” exudes a shimmering blend of synth pop, folk, and indie elements, delving into themes of love, heartbreak, and resurrection.

The EP introduces new tracks, such as the anthemic 80s-inspired “Pennies” and the ethereal folk-pop piece “June Rain,” crafted during lockdown. Rosanna, armed with her powerful voice and storytelling prowess, invites listeners into a realm where her restless mind races at full speed, exploring yearning and the quest for answers.

Produced by Alexander Comana and mastered at Abbey Road Studios, “Restless” offers a sonic journey reflecting Rosanna’s influences, spanning from Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush to contemporary alt-pop stars like MUNA.

The EP’s dynamic range is evident in the synth-pop hit “What it takes to leave” and the sultry ‘make-up’ anthem “Need You To Stay,” both impeccably produced with influences from 90s RnB.

The EP stands as a testament to Rosanna’s artistry, a celebration of her eclectic songwriting that mirrors the complexities of youth, love, and self-discovery. She explains that she’s “always felt restless, not knowing if I’m doing things right. This EP is a collection of songs I’m really proud of, and with it, I wanted to celebrate the eclectic nature of my songwriting, which is itself restless, constantly in flux.”

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