Rosie Carney releases ‘i dreamed i was the night’

Irish singer-songwriter Rosie Carney has returned to the airwaves with an EP, called i dreamed i was the night. Released April 10th via Color Study, it’s a new sound, new look, and so worth the wait. 

Her self-proclaimed “heartache EP”, i dreamed i was the night is perhaps just as introspective as 2019’s Bare, but it’s not about Carney. No stranger to demons, Carney’s debut album was largely about her battle with her own mental health. i dreamed i was the night, by contrast, is full of rage and sorrow, but directed at someone else, and followed by inevitable healing during the aftermath of a bad breakup.

Written in her parent’s home, i dreamed i was the night is full of fragile poetry, but robust and rich in its soundscape; her will-o-the-wisp vocal engages in a delightful tug of war with crashing percussion and huge sonic swells. She grapples with the big subjects: heartbreak, religion, grief – and bears it all with a quiet, resilient grace. 

With the help of producer Thomas Bartlett, i dreamed i was the night proves that Carney has always been made of immense strength, and won’t be easily felled.

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