ROSIE delves into stages of grief on debut EP 20mg of Happiness

Emerging New York singer-songwriter ROSIE taps into her ability to flip negative experiences into uplifting messages on emotive debut EP 20mg of Happiness, which moves different stages of grief in a charming showcase of heartfelt song writing juxtaposed against anthemic sonics. Capturing vulnerability within loss and love,the EP simplifies complex themes within powerful arrangements.

Written with the intention to raise mental health awareness and chasing catharsis, the EP stops off on the five stages of grief moving smoothly through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance led by her melodic voice. From the slow-build yet soaring “Screaming Underwater,” to the relatable narrative of trying to distract yourself while waiting on someone to reach out to you on the dreamy layers of “Retail Therapy,” 20mg of Happiness comes to life an exercise in processing grief, forming a warm, safe space for anyone seeking comfort.

Throughout the seven-track production, ROSIE belies her young age of 21 with her explorative, ethereal song writing and syrupy vocals. Whether the sweet, poetic lyricism that weave vibrant visuals on acoustic style “All my favorite songs,” the loneliness that seeps through the groovy instrumentals of “To Get Over You,” or soothing lull of piano-tinged “Idk you at all,” the rising star shines with her honest artistry.

Bringing the grief to a peak on gentle final track “Sad Sad Sad,” the EP pushes us forward urging us to move forward from the pain that lives within our hearts, as it wraps around us as a sanctuary to escape into when life gets too tough. Leaning into ROSIE’s ability to strike a chord with her listeners, the multi-talent manages to find a place in our hearts with her heart-warming voice and vivid soundscapes.

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