Rum Jungle uncover their hurdles in new EP, ‘Hold Me In The Water’

Rum Jungle are shining brighter than ever before, bringing their sun-soaked Australian sound to listeners across the globe with their new EP, Hold Me In The Water. The seven-track release is a personal look into the band, as we uncover the glue that keeps them together, their weaknesses that test them and all the other ups and downs that come with being a close-knit band. 

Hold Me In The Water marks a poignant moment in the band’s career to date, as they admit to finding their sound, after much experimentation in their previous releases. Speaking of the diversity of the EP, the band shares, “You’ll hear some chargers and you’ll hear some chillers that next to each other will be surprising but all have that signature Rum Jungle sound. We’re all stoked on each and every one of these tracks and we’ve put more than we ever have into getting each of them right. Just like our last EP’s we want it to crank on right out the gate but close out with something you can cruise on low to.” 

“Electric Snowman” showcases their big and bold sound, while “Nervous” reveals a much more intimate and vulnerable side to the band. With each track offering something different, Hold Me In The Water is a captivating listening experience, resulting in you never wanting it to come to an end.  

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