RUNOFFBROKE confesses his “Sins” on new single

RUNOFFBROKE (formerly known as Jordan Wilson) has been known around Ireland for years now. After establishing himself under a prior moniker, he has taken 2020 to prove himself under his new persona. Now he is back with the release of his third single of 2020 titled “Sins.” 

“Sins” is a wavy trap banger and RUNOFFBROKE shows us a true sign of his diversity with the multi-layered production behind it. With some of the most surgical and speedy flows I’ve heard in years, he proves that his pen should be feared. The bars on this one are not only pinpoint accurate but also insightful. The catchy hookuplifts each word and keeps a steady and captivating pace throughout the track. Production was handled exceptionally by Ninety7Hertz. The trap influence is clear in the busy hi-hat patterns, interesting yet simple kick/snare conversation and an extremely dark 808 bass line. He creates the perfect canvas for someone as diverse as RUNOFFBROKE to showcase how far he can really go. 

RUNOFFBROKE is a new artist in terms of content but Wilson is a veteran to the game. As stated before, this is a chance for him to prove himself again as true premier spitter in the Irish hip-hop scene. With such heavy output already, we can absolutely expect much more from RUNOFFBROKE in 2020. 

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