Russ spills the raw truth in new album ‘SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE’ (DELUXE)

Never failing to fulfill his purpose, Russ returns with a new album SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE (DELUXE) – a showcase of his versatile skills manifested through timeless music. We can undeniably rely on him to leave us all in awe time and time again. With his ideal consistency and impeccable work ethic, he has never failed to achieve success. After all, Russ has a proven track record of prioritizing his artistry and the music over everything else. Being dedicated to studying his craft for over a decade, multiple records have gone platinum. We have no doubt that a few of these new tracks will also do great numbers. 
Russ released SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE earlier this year, and since then, the album has left a huge impact on the hip-hop community…all around the globe. With his latest Deluxe release, Russ surprises us with 5 new inspirational and gripping tracks. The album cover art depicts a wolf falling, portraying a message that is highly symbolic of all the emotion that fills these new tracks. Through this, we are able to visualize and admire the strength of the themes behind the songwriting of this latest release. 
 “3AM” charmingly captures our attention with Russ’ smooth voice as he spills his feelings to a girl “from the BX like JLO.” Ty Dolla Sign adds a special touch to this track by beautifully serenading us in the chorus. The lively beats flawlessly complement the unforgettable words and locks in our focus. “3 AM” is the perfect song to play when you find yourself catching feelings for someone late at night. 
On “SKY,” Russ collaborates with Boogie, resulting in the creation of magic through exemplary wordplay. The intense and vivid lyricism sparks deeper meaning into the track. Mixing this with pleasing guitar strings provide an almost spiritual effect. Cleverly titled, the track allows listeners to look up and take a break from the hardships of everyday life in order to feel some peace.
“YOU COULDA LEFT ME ALONE” is filled with soul-triggering poetic lyricism. We are able to feel Russ’ heart opening up as he gracefully chants the heavenly chorus, “Don’t disturb my peace if you’re at war with yourself.” Ironically, his voice on the hook gives us a sense of peace and chills all at the same time. As always, he brilliantly introduces something different, even sampling a classic Pop-punk track “Sugar We’re Goin Down” by Fall Out Boy.
Real ones aren’t afraid to admit that they cry. Russ does just that on “NO TEARS LEFT.” Through exceptional lyricism, he is completely unafraid to expose a very vulnerable side of himself through powerful raps. By telling a story, he connects with us in the way that all humans can relate: through feeling. The high-pitched hook pierces us to our core, as we can almost feel the pain leaving his body and his gratitude of his mother and this life surfacing. 
Throughout SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE (DELUXE), we are presented with a bold yet vulnerable side of Russ. The beauty is that he isn’t afraid to show it through his music. He confirms that this vulnerability is strength, not weakness. Press play and allow yourself to feel. 
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