Ryan Montbleau releases soothing and introspective EP, "Water"

Ryan Montbleau just released his new EP entitled Water. As part of a four part series of EPs that explore the deep connection between humanity as it relates to the natural elements, Water was conceived while doing medicine work in Peru and explores the healing and restorative properties of the powerful life force of water. Montbleau has a gift for eloquent and soulful songwriting as well as his poetic, earnest storytelling and artistry. His aim is to make a positive impact on the lives he forever touches with his music.

In Water, Montbleau takes a soft and soothing approach to his body of work, providing transparency, flow, and coolness to represent the characteristics of water. In the first track "Let's Make a Movie," the heartfelt piano-driven song is highly romantic and optimistic, and highlights the undying commitment that he has to his partner. With a tender and sunny outlook, Monbleau takes wisdom from the fluidity of water as it relates to taking things as they come and making the best of each and every day.

"Forgiveness" sends a soul-touching message about the true goodness that lies in people's hearts. With open arms and in the most honest of ways, Montbeau sings of his many confessions and asks for forgiveness of his sins. The multi-layered song blends elements of nature, classic love ballads and warm contemporary instrumentation for an emotive, cathartic experience that is as touching as it is meditative.

All in all, Ryan Montbleau's Water couldn't have come at a better time. After the past few years of struggle, chaos and confusion, the EP acts as a warm embrace to those who need it most. “I’ve been through a lot over these past few years,” says Montbleau, “and I’ve experienced some monumental shifts in my perspective. The only way for me to write about it was to just get as honest and vulnerable as I could.”

Ryan Montbleau is an indie folk singer songwriter from Massachusetts who has traveled the world in search of meaning, perspective, and wisdom to share with others. Water is the third EP as part of his forthcoming album, Wood, Fire, Water, and Air.

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