Ryan Montebleau gets closer to nature in new EP “Wood”

Folk/Americana artist Ryan Montebleau unveils the first of four chapters with his new EP, Wood. Going back to the basics and getting closer to nature, the upcoming EP narrates what it truly means to be human. A topic that is more potent now than ever before, Montebleau shines light on the things that genuinely make us happy, during times of adversity.

Along with Wood, there is Fire, Water and Air – all of which touch on the songwriter’s life experiences and journey of self-discovery. Montebleau shares, “I’ve been through a lot over these past few years and I’ve experienced some monumental shifts in my perspective. The only way for me to write about it was to just get as honest and vulnerable as I could.”

Wood consists of “Perfect,” “Ankles” and “Outside Looking In.” Raw and organic, Montebleau gives us an insight into some of his most vulnerable moments. His warm and gritty vocals tell vivid stories, sucking us in with each and every word. Simple guitar melodies and gentle percussion allow for Montebleau to sing without distractions. Each song weaves into the other, taking us on an exploration of sound and sights. Conjuring up images of losing ourselves in the woods and embracing the beauty that surrounds us, the EP is a wholesome display, encouraging listeners to remember what’s truly important in life.

A thought-provoking and heart-warming release, Wood is the perfect antidote for these uncertain times. So sit back and delve into the world of Montebleau. You won’t regret it.

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