Ryan Wright releases ghostly indie-pop track “U Were Never Mine”

Virginia-based singer/songwriter/producer Ryan Wright makes unapologetic music full of tongue-in-cheek lyrics and otherworldly soundscapes. If you look at her past tracks, titles like “Screw U” and “Burn in Hell” are sure to grab your attention. However, in her latest single “U Were Never Mine,” she isn’t afraid to get a little vulnerable as the track deals with a common problem our whole generation has felt: being ghosted.

Even though ghosting is a shared and familiar experience, this new track sets itself apart as unique. Ryan Wright captures this feeling with a haunting production laden with pulsing drum loops, synth-driven melodies and vocal distortion. It has a 80's flare to it, but translates well in the modern world. Her vocals are soft like Clairo’s and her production is vibey and delicate like Lorde and The Japanese House.

Lyrically, the track is unapologetically little melodramatic as we probably are all guilty of moments like this,. “I knew intellectually that my distress over the whole thing was probably silly but also knew I couldn’t help the way I was feeling," Wright says. "Being able to transform this painful situation into something strange and beautiful—elevating it into art—made everything I was feeling easier to process. And it allowed me to get the upper hand—to actually gain something from the whole experience rather than just feeling the loss.”

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