SACHA flows free with his liberating live performance of “Nothing Else” [Video]

SACHA is a Paris-based singer/ songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer whose stunning new live version of their single “Nothing Else” is certain to send shivers down your spine. Simplicity is the key for SACHA, as he lets his honey-soaked vocals melt over raw, organic guitar lines, complimented by angelic harmonies that transport you to another dimension. Filmed live in just one shot, with no edit, the video truly showcases the talent that SACHA beholds, as he captivates us with every note. 

[embedded content]

“Nothing Else” perfectly captures the emotions behind the tracks narrative, where SACHA reflects back on a time where he lived a vagabond life, traveling around without anything holding him back. SACHA shares, “I was free flowing, moving from city to city on tour, working on music or just visiting friends and family. It was an incredible experience but it also shed a lot of light on how lonely I feel a lot of the time and for that, this song is precious to me.”

Emitting a dreamlike quality, “Nothing Else” evokes a sense of liberation, with SACHA allowing listeners a glimpse into his world. 

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