Sækyi releases elegant single, “If You Must Go”

Virginia artist Sækyi continues his prolific run with his latest single, “If You Must Go”, a track that presents a more R&B-leaning release from him. Following up his recent offerings, the infectious “Pressure”, and lush, emotive “Angels Don’t Call Me”, “If You Must Go” finds him once again delivering a song laced with sharp-songwriting and self-aware sonic sensibility.

“If You Must Go” opens with a delicate, elegant string section that drops into a rich, immersive groove before you’ve even blinked. As watery keys give the instrumental a layered feel and contrast intriguingly with the sturdy rhythm section, Sækyi delivers poignant, airy melodies that enhance the track’s moody atmospherics. Capped off by a graceful, addictive hook, “If You Must Go” manages to strike a neat balance between replay value and emotive songwriting throughout.

“If You Must Go” is the latest from Virginia’s Sækyi, released fresh off the heels of his prior single “Pressure”, and makes for a smooth R&B counterpart to the rawer hip-hop stylings of that single.

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