Safari Room deliver nostalgic double-single, "Fear / How It Goes"

The acoustic spirit of mid-2000s indie rock meets the digital obsessed 2020s in Safari Room’s newest release "Fear" / "How it Goes," delivering an intriguing yet haunting listen. 

The Nashville based three-piece’s sound can be described as lo-fi but sophisticated, reminiscent yet unfamiliar–something that shines through in both tracks. The double single is the follow up to their 2020 release, Look Me Up When You Get There, which helped to kickstart a new era for the band.

The first of the two singles , "Fear", pulls listeners in immediately with a stocky drum and bass groove. Mellow, shellacked vocals ebb and flow along a ghostly guitar lead before coalescing into a euphonic wall of sound. "How it Goes" recombines these elements to elevate the track’s emotional stakes. The performance is as sincere as the lyrics, imparting a sense of intimacy as if the listener was in the recording space with the group. 

Safari Room hail currently from Nashville, Tennessee and draw their inspiration from artists such as The National, as they paint a bright but haunting essence within their songs. Originally originating from Omaha, Nebraska, Newark and Dayton, Ohio the trio consists of Alec Koukol (songwriter/lead vocalist/guitarist), Chris Collier (guitar) and Austin Drewry (drums).

Whether listening intently to the intricacies beautifully layered into each moment of the track or enjoying the highlighted and surreal frontliners – “Fear" / "How it Goes" is certainly that.

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