Saint Nomad have “Nothing To Lose” on latest single

Nomadic by name and nomadic by nature, Nashville-based sibling-trio Saint Nomad continues to triumph with their sonically hard-to-place output. Moving to the United States as children, a chance encounter with a Radiohead VHS tape underpinned their entire musical journey, leading them to unlock their creative potential and resulted eventually in their 2018 debut album, “Momento Mori.”

Carried by an infectious driving beat, the honeyed vocals and guitars slowly fill out the at-first tender atmosphere into an indelible piece of head-bobbing alt-pop. Having seen success spending years in the industry working behind the scenes, including touring much of the States, vocalist and keyboardist Nikita Odnoralov reflects in a recent press release that, “I didn’t think I would get a chance to do it again like this,” he admits. “In that moment, I just felt a lot of freedom. I felt like I had nothing to lose. I just wanted to make it count,” and thus, “Nothing To Lose” was born.

Their second single thus far this year, there’s no doubt more in store from them this year.

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