Salarymen reveal sophomore EP ‘Head In The Sand’ with lead single “Summer’s Coming”

Released via Scenic Drive Records, Australian indie duo Salarymen (Renee de la Motte & Thom Eagleton) have just revealed their second EP ‘Head In The Sand’ with lead single, and certified bop, “Summer’s Coming” as the lead single.

Evoking the optimistic, 00’s-tinged sound of the likes of Alvvays, Best Coast and The Strokes and more, the lead single is an instant classic with jangling riffs and a singalong, chorus duet. The duo’s vocal melt together throughout, weaving around verses before resolving to the warmth of the chorus, nodding to the harmonic elements of 60s beach-pop with a contemporary edge, fit for the contemporary, eclectic musical palate.

The five track offering marks a shift for the duo, who have already received wide critical acclaim in Australia and beyond, as well as sell-out shows on their home turf and an East Coast tour planned for February, 2023.

Speaking on the new EP, Renee shares:”This collection of songs was born from a rollercoaster of emotions – written partly during lockdown, and partly as we emerged with a new zest for life. For example, we wrote Summer’s Coming when Spring was just around the corner and the world was opening up.

“The lyrics reflect on us yearning for a simpler time, where the biggest thing on our mind is what beach we’re going to, and where to find a cold beer. Conversely, we wrote Rerun smack bang in the middle of lockdown, when we were desperate to just feel something, and have something to look forward to.”

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